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  1. You are so clever! I can’t wait to try this with some of our flowers. Can you come help me? ha!

  2. I never knew that flowers could be pressed in the microwave. Thanks for the idea 🙂

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      It’s crazy, right!!

  3. Such a fun project!! Big Al will think I’m nuts when I start microwaving flowers! 😂

  4. Absolutely beautiful and now I want to microwave every little flower I see lol. I mean it’s just so versatile. We might be selling our home soon so I’m thinking of going out to get a few flowers for a memory frame. Smart idea to use RIT, too!!

  5. Jennifer- this is such a clever idea! I never realized a microwave could be used for this…so clever. And I love how you displayed them all…so pretty! xoxo, kristi

  6. Jennifer – this looks beautiful! My method is pretty much the same as your! I love how you left some of the stems attached. I’ll need to try that next time.

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      I will definitely do it again with other flowers…this was my test run to see if it really worked. I can’t wait to see yours!!

    2. I’m trying thus with my Violas. They’re at peak so I know it’s the best time to make this project

  7. What a fun project idea! It turned out so pretty!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      You have to try it with some of your flowers! They would look so pretty framed in your house.

  8. What a great project! I had no idea you could dry flowers in the microwave!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      I know, I thought it was so cool!!