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  1. Oh my goodness… I’m in love with it all! We live in Montana, but I’m pretty sure my soul is from New England. The biggest thing on my bucket list is to go to New England and get to spend some time, even make it a yearly thing to do. We travel about 9 months out of the year doing shows, and I’m on here searching for vintage/Colonial shows to do. I would love some direction/input from you please. And thank you for all you share on here.

  2. Oh my, so many great things in your photos. I love these types of markets. Hope you got some fun things.

  3. If you could kindly notify us a week before the event that would be very helpful. Thanks

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      There’s a Vintage Bazaar this weekend in Waterville

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      I’m kicking myself for not getting more!! The guy who was selling them has a shop a couple of hours away in Maine and I might have to take a ride up there.