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  1. That wreath is beautiful and I think it might smell nice too. Pinned it, I need to get some of those feathers.

    1. Yes, I bought a pack of them last year and reuse them all the time in projects and displays! Definitely worth my $10 investment!

  2. Such a pretty wreath Jennifer. I love the fresh greens you chose and the touches with the dried oranges, so pretty.

  3. Such a pretty wreath. I have been using a seasonal basket arrangement since spring but think it’s time to go back to a wreath forThanksgiving and Christmas. This grapevine wreath looks easy and I have almost all the materials needed and since I have ordered a real wreath for Christmas I am all set.

    1. I’m lucky I have 2 doors on the front of the house so I do a wreath on one and a basket on the other! It’s drying out so pretty too, I’ll have to snap a picture to add.

  4. Jennifer, this wreath is stunning. I love everything about it and it has to smell amazing.