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  1. Jennifer your leaf ornaments are so pretty! I really need to invest in silicone molds because these ornaments look so fun to make and decorate! Happy Christmas!

  2. These are so pretty Jennifer. I love how the antique wax created such depth to them. These would be pretty on any Christmas tree! 🙂

  3. These are so beautiful, Jennifer! I love the leaf molds that you used. I have a daughter who is a definite “plant lady.” This will make a great gift for her… any time of year!

  4. Friend, you have outdone yourself. These are so pretty! I love them!

  5. Jennifer, these are gorgeous! So classy! I would never guess them to be homemade. High-end Artisan crafted, yes, that’s what I would have guessed! But then they were crafted by an artisan — you!!!

  6. Rachel Harper says:

    These are so cute Jennifer.

  7. Your lead ornaments turned out beautiful. I love homemade ornaments on a tree.

  8. These are lovely, Jen!! I’ve been seeing so many Christmas projects with clay lately and this one is amazing! The gold color on them is so pretty!