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  1. Jennifer, appreciate you searching copies to save us all $$ and inspiration for Christmas decor. I don’t buy much these days, but I do like to change my things around for fresh look and maybe add a new item that is affordable!

  2. Just found you. Amazing craft projects. I’ll try my best to replicate.
    Thanks for all of the dedication that you put into your searches! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thank you so much, Charlene!! I’m glad you found me too!! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving too!

  3. Ok…these are amazing!!! You did a great job of finding similar items. I love all the looks but I especially love the traditional.

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thanks Kim!!Oh, I loved that one too!

  4. You are the queen of finding the best PD dupes. LOVE them all!