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  1. Wonderful ideas! It’s still too cold here to be on our porch, but I’ve been itching to at least sweep the old leaves and to start considering the decorating. I appreciate this article and inspiration!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thanks, Kim…we love our junk!!

  2. Jennifer!
    I love all the thrifted pieces on your porch!

  3. Leslie Watkins says:

    Oh, I love the pots with bulbs! I need to try this for my front porch…maybe then the deer wouldn’t eat them! Love the moss and eggs in the pot on its side. Doing that—Happy Easter!!

  4. Susan Lindeman says:

    Enjoying all these lovely porch decor ideas! I would love to decorate my front door area (not really a porch, just open space) but unfortunately, it would all be gone in the morning 🙁 We have serious issues with porch piracy in our area and can’t leave anything outside, especially overnight. And sadly, we don’t have a back patio. So I’ll continue to browse and dream…

  5. Jennifer I think you have the perfect cottage porch! It’s so pretty with your spring styling and vintage collections. Love the wreath on the door too! Sending warmer weather your way friend!

  6. Your decorating tips are my go to when I am trying to do something to my house! I love all the details you add in! Beautiful as always!

  7. Your porch is gorgeous, my friend. I love all of the pretty details

  8. No matter the season, your porch always looks great!

  9. Your porch looks amazing. I love all of your eclectic decor and those daffodils are gorgeous. Thanks for joining today. and I love the new look!

  10. Beautiful porch, Jennifer. I love how you repurposed flea market finds to decorate and create vignettes. The patina on that old watering can is gorgeous. Of course, I love your table.

  11. Jennifer
    Wow I love all the vintage touches. That cute bunny planter and twig basket really caught my eyes.