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  1. Jan Hebert says:

    I’m in Topsfield, MA and we, too, had lots of rain last summer. Our lawn never got crispy like other years! We have five raised beds and two pretty large in-ground gardens. This is the second summer that we’ve grown potatoes, and they were wonderful! Just now having to purchase them from the market and it’s only because my basement is too warm and they’ve started to sprout. I won’t grow as many this year. I never got my dahlia’s in the ground last year, I’m hoping that they are still viable. Your Cafe a Lait is just gorgeous! I’m not sure how my gardens will be this year, I had my right knee replaced in January and I’m not really feeling up to seed starting just yet. Hopefully, I’ll get my mojo back before it’s too late! Jan in MA

    1. Jan, Mother Nature can’t be as cruel with the rain as last Summer! I’m up 95 in Stratham so not too far from you. You never got your dahlias in the ground…and I never dug mine up!! I honestly don’t know where I’m going to plant all the flower seeds that I bought. I really don’t want to expand my garden anymore, it’s such a difficult task!! Anyway, stay warm today! I’m soaking in the sun by my office window to shake off the chill. -Jen

  2. I remember how the weather gave you lots of rain. Love that you incorporate herbs and flowers with your vegetables. It would make for a beautiful cottage garden. I love seeing photos of your garden. Great tips!

  3. Praying for less rain and more flowers!! Can’t wait to see your beautiful gardens!