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  1. Kathy Munday says:

    Can’t wait to get started with flower planting. My Italian Grandpa always told me to not plant anything until Memorial Day!! I haven’t started anything indoors this year but I am geared up to planting directly in the garden. Thank you for the tips! It’s so rewarding to see color bloom!!!!

  2. Mary Ann Motto says:

    Jennifer, I just came across your column about flowers and how to plant then. I want to plant some cutting flowers in our yard. What do you suggest for zone 9? We live in North Florida (Jacksonville area) I have had luck with a ground cover called Blue my mind I believe. It was a little blue flower that spreads nicely. The soil is tough to plant in, because it is a combination of dead sod and tree roots. We had to use an auger to dig small holes. But we planted hostas. African Iris, society garlic, and the ground cover blue my mind. I’m sure there is a botanical name but that’s what the card said. I wanted high and low flowers to give it interest. What suggestions would you recommend giventhe soil and zone 9 we’re in. It’s also a semi shady spot on the east side of the yard. . Thanks Happy planting Mary Ann Motto orange park FL

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Mary Ann, let me check in with some of my warm weather garden girls!! I’ve always lived in zone 5 or 6. You have completely different options than me stuck up here in the cold!!

      1. Patty Fiorilli says:

        Jennifer! Wow, the sun’s shinning, the birds are singing, and I happened upon your wonderful website. I’m a happy girl today for sure. I can’t wait to sit down and
        digest all the pages. I also can’t wait to share my find with friends today and share
        the love.
        Looking forward to a relaxing evening in my most comfortable chair, a cup of tea, soaking in your blog and dreaming up ideas for my garden

  3. Jennifer, I love that you are doing a Grow With Me Gardening Series. Definitely, I will be following along. I started by flower garden but it is a work in progress. One of my favorites are Zinnia. I think it’s the pinks, yellows and oranges to together that looks like sunshine in a garden.

    Love your selections of flowers. Snapdragons remind me of my childhood. We grew these in green houses for florists. You know I have do not have them in my garden. Hmm, I may have to add them.

    I cannot wait for your next series.

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Well, I can probably send you some snapdragon seeds because I ordered enough flower seeds to start a farm I think!!!

  4. Great post! love zinnias and dahlias! who am I kidding glove them all!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      My second order of seeds came…where the heck do I think I’m planting all of this stuff!!!

      1. I would love any seeds you have extra. Starting mine next week. Last yr. Looked great cant wait to see how this yrs. Will come out! THANK YOU!!
        Starla Scharff
        2725 Gaston Ave.
        Knoxville,TN 37917

        1. Jennifer Howard says:

          Starla, I’ll drop some zinnia seeds in the mail next time I get to the post office…I grew 8 different types so the seeds are mixed together.