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  1. Super cute! I love everything about this. The potting bench looks great with your scarecrow. Simply amazing.

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thanks Renae!! Now if it would just stop raining here!!

  2. So charming! This is very timely because my husband is planning to build me a potting bench from some scrap wood and Trex decking materials we have left over from other projects and I’m so excited! I don’t have a flower garden, but I plan to use it on our covered back patio for re-potting plants and possibly as a drink station for get-together. Of course, I’m also looking forward to decorating it with some of the vintage goodies I’ve collected over the years as well! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Would love to have a potting bench to use in all seasons rather than my old picnic table which seems to collect so much unseemly clutter. Will talk to my better half and see if he has any ideas. I’m the gardener he’s the builder.
      Thanks for sharing your ideas and great collection of vintage.

      1. Jennifer Howard says:

        Good idea Kathy!!

    2. Jennifer Howard says:

      Perfect idea!! I had my potting bench over in my patio area last Summer and used it as a drink/BBQ station.Thats a good idea!!