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  1. Hi! Jute Rope basket?! Is Your basket like rock solid from the mod podge?! Mine is, I believe its as solid as a rock. TIA -Anne Nye

    1. Yes! I made this project 4 years ago and it’s solid. I’ve filled it w/ so many things over the past few years too, always somewhere in my house.

      1. It appears more solid then other wicker baskets i buy from the store.. i wish i could see someone else’s homemade to compare.. im embarrassed to show because i feel like someone could get cut on my baskets because they are so hard

        1. Anne, yes it’s meant to be hard because of the ModPodge technique not flexible like a wicker basket.

      2. Also, am I supposed to see a clear film throughout the basket once mud podge dries?! :O

  2. Louise Sunde says:

    I have done these bowls twice now and I can’t get the jute bowl to release from the form bowl except with difficulty. What am I doing wrong?

    1. I found after my 1st bowl a couple layers of saran wrap helped for easy removal from mold i was using.

  3. I can’t dislodge the bowl from the jute or the jute from the bowl. Absolutely stuck. Did I use too much Modge Podge? Actually I made one and it was so hard to remove. My second one is beyond stuck. Help.

  4. I tried this and the plastic wrap was glued onto the inside of my rope bowl. I cannot get the plastic to release. I like the whole idea and look but my first attempt is a fail and wondering what went wrong. The bowl is very soft and pliable. So far, not a fan but will try one more time.

    1. Was the ModPodge completely dry on the outside? The rope will feel stiff when the ModPodge dries. Maybe let it air-dry a little longer. I made this 3 years ago and it held up really well…it’s on the shelf here in my office.