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  1. Thank you! This is such a simple, clear tutorial!

  2. I understand the height is 7 ft. What is the base width and depth. It appears to be 24+ inches. I have limited space and need to know how deep and wide it is. Thanks!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Good Morning Kim-
      You could make this as wide or narrow as you wanted, when you lay out the long sides (before you cut the short side bars) adjust them to the width you want; then measure the widths for the side bars. I had a big space to put it in so I wanted it to be substantial. I was going to make a smaller one for my clematis in my front garden but somehow the summer got away from me and I’m digging out my sweaters😂

  3. Susan Sullivan says:

    Wow! Wonderful addition to your garden! I want one! 😉
    Adding to my “Honey do” list!