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  1. Jan Hebert says:

    Hi Jennifer! I love the new blog “look”! And the new photographs of you are wonderful! I especially appreciate the fact that you aren’t loaded with advertisements! I won’t read a lot of the other blogger’s sites because of their ads. Just overwhelming sometimes and not worth the time weeding out what is content and what is an ad. Anyway, thank you for that. My bff has moved from just a few houses away all the way up to Somersworth, NH so we don’t get to see each other as much as we used to. I’m planning on going up there more as weather gets better and we will scout out some of the places you’ve mentioned for antiquing and thrifting – oh and gardening! I just picked another bouquet of beautiful daffodils that are blooming beside my house. Now if I could just get my cat to leave them alone! Jan in MA

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thanks, Jan! I spotted a little yellow on my daffodils outside my window this morning. There are some great spots up in Dover too that I see online but haven’t visited yet. Plus, we love LaFesta pizza in downtown Dover, it’s the only good pizza in NH!!! So tell your friend. I know the ads can be annoying, but they cover the cost of keeping our sites online…it can get expensive for us! Unfortunately,there will be a few on here next time you visit, the ad agency hasn’t updated my site yet.