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  1. Jen this is so beautiful! I’m sharing in my weekly Nesting post this morning! Have a great weekend!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Awww thanks, Nicolle!! I appreciate you!!

  2. Jennifer this is beautiful!!!!! I would never to think to use dried flowers from my garden! Just gorgeous

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      If it’s free it’s for me!!! LOL!!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful! I love fall wreaths made from foraged flowers and grasses! You are lucky to have those sunflowers. Next year I will have to dry some that I buy!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Definitely! You could make some beauties with everything around your yard and the grasses!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Well, thank you, friend!! It is one of my favorite things to do!!

  4. Jennifer, I love your wreath made with flowers from the garden and other organic items. It is stunning!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Organic…and free!!!

    2. Jennifer Howard says:

      Organic & Free…LOL!!!!

  5. This is wonderful! Such a pretty color combination! I’m getting out my garden clippers right now!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      It’s such a nice way to remember my garden! Thanks so much for stopping by Betsy!

  6. This wreath is just stunning!!!!! I would like to share it this week. Way to go Jennifer.

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Yes, you can always share me! Thanks, friend!!

  7. Jennifer!! This wreath is my favorite!!! I’m over the moon about the color scheme you chose, not to mention the ribbon!!! ❤️

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      I have to thank Kelly for the ribbon!! She shared it and I had to order it!! It’s my whole vibe this Fall!!

  8. I love how the wreath turned out! It’s so fun to make pretty things from the garden! And this looks amazing with your fall porch decor!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thanks, Stacy!!

  9. Another beautiful wreath! I love those purple sunflowers! Nice job, friend!💛

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thanks so much, Deb!