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  1. I bought white plaster pumpkins that light up from HomeSense (reasonable price) and then I painted them with acrylic terra cotta paint and then used baking soda dusted on them and rubbed it in with my fingers when paint was slightly wet. They look amazing. I would suggest to anyone making them with the joint compound to use some fine sandpaper to take off a little of the rough edges and then paint. *Michaels also sells white unfinished pumpkins too but they are a little more expensive.

  2. Sherry Goodman says:

    Is there a way to make them safe for outdoor use?

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Sherry, you could spray them with a clear poly but I haven’t tried doing that so I am not 100% sure. It’s funny you ask that because I was just thinking about that too!

  3. Stacy Ling says:

    So elegant and fun! Love this DIY!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thanks Wendy!

  4. This is amazing!! They are seriously so cute, I will be making these this Fall! Can’t wait to DIY this great idea!

  5. RACHEL HARPER says:

    These are so darn cute and you did such a great job duplicating them. Thanks for sharing on our round-up today.

  6. Omg, these are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to give this a try. I love everything and I do mean everything you did in this post. Thank you so much for sharing

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thank you so much, Ivory!! It’s nice to start my Monday morning reading this!!

  7. I love your pumpkins. Girl, they turned out so amazing. Hail to the queen of PB dupes! They are being featured in my newsletter. Just love them!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thanks, Stacy!! I’m working on a dupe of that cute PB vase you linked the other day!

  8. What a great idea and a great way to save some money. I love how they came out Jennifer! I am excited to try and make some of my own.

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thank you so much Meagan!! Most definitely try them and if you do send me your link and I’ll link you in my post!

  9. Great job, I love them so cute

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thanks, Debbie!! I think they are cuties too!!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thanks, Cindy! I think they came out cute!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thanks, Rachel!! You have to try making some too!

  10. Love, love, love. As soon as I saw this on the PB website I knew I wanted to try my own, so thank you for sharing such an awesome tutorial. I can’t wait to make some!

    1. Great job, they are really cute

    2. Jennifer Howard says:

      It was the price for me…I could decorate every room in my house for how much a set of 3 would cost!! Definitely try them!!

  11. Leslie Watkins says:

    Love the look you achieved! I love the texture and color. Great job!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thank you, friend!!!