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  1. Jennifer your garden is so pretty! I love the collage pics of you too!!! Thank you for sharing my wreath!!! xoxo

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thanks!! I have to go collect some of the zinnia heads to get the seeds.

  2. Kathy Munday says:

    Hi Jenn
    Thank you for all of your fun ideas and for sharing the beauty of Fall (my very favorite season of all) around your property!! Here on Cape Cod we have lots of pine trees so the vibrant leaf colors are few and far between. We visited Kennebunkport a couple of weeks ago where the gorgeous colors of Fall were just beginning, but the ones that were out, were stunning!!! The flower door wreath is gorgeous…. Our problem here is that the birds all want to nest on our front door and even snitch our artificial flowers and grasses!! And the bale of hay that we had as part of our Fall front porch is completely depleted!! Gonna be some mighty warm and comfy bird nests around here!😂

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Kathy, I laughed out loud about the birds on your porch!! Mine is only saved because of the storm door!! Last year my corn stalks were devoured by voles and my pumpkins got attacked by the stinkin’ chipmunks..I’ve had lots of hawks nesting in the tall pines behind my house all summer and I hear owls in the wee hours and haven’t had a critter problem this year!! I’m glad we got up to KBPT last weekend because there was so much leaf drop over the past few days on the coast,