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  1. Awe, there’s my friend Chuck! So happy for you friend! I know this next chapter is going to be amazing for you! Julia Childs!? We’ll have to hit up the museum when we come visit in the fall. xo

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      I hope so friend!! m

  2. Jennifer,
    Congratulations on becoming a full time blogger. I can’t believe you had a full time job AND did all these projects. I’m so excited to see all you’ll be sharing now.

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thanks, Rachel!!! The last year has been a blur of everything…even after the first week I feel so much more relaxed!!

  3. Congratulations on becoming a full time blogger and no more daycare! It will be so nice to have your home to yourself to take pics, do projects, etc. You’re an amazing blogger; you’ve found your niche!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thank you so much, Lora!! I’ve spent the week putting everything away and making my living room non-kid friendly!!!