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  1. You always manage to find the best thrift store treasures! I love how you styled your. home for summer, and your decorating tips are spot on! I need to look through my decor stash and then hit up our local thrift store ASAP!

    I’m sharing a link to your post with my readers in my weekly recap tomorrow. I think they’ll love it too!

  2. Love all your coastal touches. That fish is my absolute fav! BTW…you’re the best thrifter I know! Always finding the best deals!

  3. Love your classy coastal vibe, Jennifer. The deeper colors, the rich textures & the plants; so beautiful! That big shell bowl was a score! Surprised you stepped out of the garden long enough to decorate;) Enjoy your summer!

    1. Lora…LOL, we had a few rainy days!! I know, I ran to grab that shell bowl, I saw it as soon as I went through the automatic door, before I even grabbed a carriage.

  4. Great finds thrifting! I agree that achieve a coastal look that’s both stylish and sophisticated without all the expensive stuff. That frame with the artwork you made is perfect. I enjoyed your post, Jennifer.