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  1. I’m really considering growing more houseplants but I don’t seem to do well with them. I always forget to water them. I currently have 2 that I’ve kept alive and I’m pretty proud of myself.

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Isn’t that so funny!!! There are a few plants that I always have trouble with like string of pearls (or any of the other string plants) and I can’t keep a fiddle leaf fig alive for the life of me!!

  2. Jan Hebert says:

    You’ve definitely inspired me to pick up some houseplants! I’ll have to check out Rolling Green Nursery. Have you been to Wentworth Greenhouses near Somersworth? It’s a beautiful nursery/garden center. I love checking out the local thrift stores for pots and baskets too. And clothes! You never know what you will find. It’s raining here today, good day to stay home and putter around. I still have Christmas decor up! I hate taking it down, but it’s time. Maybe I’ll start planning our gardens for this year… Jan in MA

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      I’ve never been to Wentworth but I heard such great things about it!! Rolling Green is very nice…but I’m an early bird and was at Lowe’s at 630 last weekend buying plants!! THe sun came out for about 5 minutes and now the sky is dark gray again…it could be worse Jan, it could have been all snow!!!!

      1. Kathy M.. says:

        I just was in Home Depot and picked up a beautiful big Monstera for $20. Now I just need to find the right place for it. I have a couple of Amaryllis getting ready to bloom and bought some white altromeria to do an arrangement with some boxwood for my coffee table. You are so right about a good way to eliminate after Christmas blahs. Plants are much less expensive than new furniture or rugs. I also suggest thrift store shopping after the holidays Just found a lovely painting to hang over my mantle. Can’t wait to hang it.

        1. Jennifer Howard says:

          I’d love to get another monstera for my office. I’ll have to stop at mine this weekend. I’ve been stopping at my local thrift store every weekend waiting for the big New Year clean outs but my store has been pretty empty…fingers crossed for this weekend because I need some more projects to stay busy!

  3. Lots of good info for the girl who has no plants and wants them! I like that kangaroo paw fern!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Get some!! Big Al will love them!! Def get a couple of plants for Zach’s new place!