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  1. cheryl atkinson says:

    They turned out so pretty! I have the hardest time splattering paint. Thank you for sharing these pretty eggs.

  2. Jen, these eggs are adorable. I love how you tied the twine and added a sweet touch to each egg. And the color is fabulous with the touch of speckling. My apologies for being so late in responding. I have been laid up with an infected finger… that got out of control.

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Sorry to hear about all your hand troubles this week Wendy! Hope you are healing up and will be back to crafting soon!!

  3. I love these vintage-style eggs, Jennifer! They are so different from anything else I’ve seen. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Thanks, Kim!!

  4. absolutely gorgeous, jennifer! I love the colors your used. I pinned them to my spring board to share 🙂


  5. Jennifer – In addition to be so cute on camera, your project is adorable. I have never tried to “speckle” my eggs and need to and I love the color and the scrapbook paper you added and of course the way they were styled in the carton. Pinned!

  6. I looked for paper eggs a few years ago and now I know where to find them. Yay! Jennifer, I must say these turned out so cute and I love the sweet rosettes! Pinning!

  7. Well, I love everything you do and this one is no exception! Your color palette is so good! Love it! Pinned!

  8. These are so pretty, Jennifer! I love the toothbrush bristle technique! Your creativity is inspiring! Pinned!

  9. Oh, how cute Jennifer! Love your soft colors and the speckling. It has been such fun hopping along with you ladies!