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  1. First time on your blog. Your vase picks and the flowers/branches are beautiful. Unfortunately Canadian Walmarts do not carry BHG products. But I will definitely try to find similar flowers on as we do not have the same suppliers. (PS just as a comparison, the blk double handled vase here would be approx. $25-30 here – loveit by the way.)

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Oh Barb…that’s not even right!! You are missing out on all the great BHG products!! We should protest.

  2. Oh I love all these vases! So pretty and perfect for spring! I just may have to snag a few myself too!

  3. I love your vase picks. That modern blue vase is stunning. I have that female bust planter. Love it and had her for several years. She gets moved around in the house. I highly recommend grabbing one like her.

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      She is perty!!! I’m adding it to my Spring wish list11