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  1. Kathy Munday says:

    /Users/kathymunday/Desktop/IMG_4712.jpg I hope this pic gets through to you.
    Hi Jenn
    Such a fun and creative time of the year. I love the vintage/farmhouse ideas. Actually I love them all!! I have been painting these old sleds with an antique Father Christmas for years. They are very popular at my craft fairs.. Seeing sleds at your Sage Farm Antiques makes me want to head to NH right NOW!!! The sleds are hard to come by around here.
    thank you for so many wonderful ideas.
    “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

    1. Hi Kathy, got your email!! You are so creative! I wish you were here to take a trip over to Sage Farm too!

  2. Yes, vintage pieces make your Christmas decor so unique. Love all the vintage shopping glimpses, especially the pic of those red-tipped skis (I want!). Great styling tips on different vintage styles, too. And it’s always fun to get crafty with vintage. I’m still waiting for the creative juices to kick in this year-think I need a good snowfall. Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

    1. I get that Lora!! It’s so hard to even think about Christmas when the leaves are hanging on some of the trees here still!!

  3. Beautiful ideas! The last few years I’ve been paring down my Christmas decor and collecting vintage items (along with some new things) to create more of a rustic elegant winter holiday look. I’ve found several vintage brass containers to hold greenery, pinecones, ornaments, and small faux trees, as well as an assortment of brass candlesticks to use with battery operated taper candles with timers. I actually used a lot less red last year (mostly just small touches like berries) and went with mostly shades of brown, cream, olive green, and gold, and I loved it, as it worked so much better with my furniture and year round decor. It reminds me of your photo with the vintage window and jingle bell wreath, in fact, I have a similar window and thinking I need to drape some garland on it this year! Speaking of garland, I actually found the most beautiful and realistic NEW garland last year in a booth at a vintage market, and it was nicer and more reasonably priced than a lot of what I saw in stores and online. It was perfect for tying to my oil rubbed bronze chandeliers in the entry way and dining room. Now I’m in the mood to go vintage shopping!

    1. You have to sen me some pictures Vicki!! I’m setting up a gallery page with photos from the community. Just email me at . We have our local vintage bazaar next weekend, It’s my favorite one of the year!!

  4. Love all the different themes and that wall of vintage ornaments is so cool! So many great ideas!

  5. There are so many fun choices when it comes to vintage Christmas decor. Loved this post and all the great inspiration Jennifer.