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  1. There was no mention of food. What if I get hungry and want one of there famous donuts, homemade scones , or even a giant cheese steak sub.

  2. Wow.. you really have some very cool places to go too! Everything that I love to decorate with is there. Yikes.. I would have such a hard time making decisions. 😍

    1. Jennifer Howard says:

      Yes, I’m lucky to have some great places to go!! But yesterday we stopped at a big yard sale and a tent sale at an antique market and both were duds!!

  3. Oh how I love your gorgeous vintage topiary in the garden. Such a pretty picture! You have such amazing places to thrift. I would never get sleep thinking of the things I would probably pass over and then regret it!

    I am on the lookout for a topiary similar to yours. There are a few in a really cool shop here but very pricey. I am being patient, hoping to luck into one somewhere else at a good price.

    Your post has me rushing out to door to do a little treasure hunting myself! Hoping to find something cool to be able to share and join you all next month!

  4. Holy dough bowls! You can never find them here. If I were with you, I would have bought that sailboat painting. Love it! So many good finds!

  5. What a fun place to go thrifting Jennifer! I would love to have seen all those gorgeous topiaries in person. I can never get enough of them in my garden and I can never seen to find many over here. Loved seeing all the vintage goodies! What was amazing place!

  6. What a cool place! I love those obelisks and jadeite!!! I want to go!