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Create a Pottery Barn Inspired Vase with These Simple Steps

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Thrift stores usually have a shelf of glass vases for only a few $$.  Here is how I transformed a basic vase into something you would see at Pottery Barn!

Materials: – A thrift store vase – Joint compound - Plastic putty knife – Off-white chalk paint - Earthy color chalk paint (brown/ taupe)


Joint Compound

 Cover the vase with joint compound. This will give the vase a rough, textured finish.

  Let the joint compound dry completely.  Paint the vase with off-white chalk paint.


Layer Paint

 Dry brush dark brown chalk paint over the vase. This will create a rustic, aged look.

 After the brown paint was dry I dabbed on taupe and gray chalk paint to add more depth & texture..


Finished Vase

The vase is perfect for fresh flowers, branches, or dried flowers. Since it's glass it is water tight. Here I have my DIY moss branches in it.

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