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 Red, White, & Blue Wreath Tutorial

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Ready to make a new front door wreath? How about something with a little bit of patriotic spirit!

Use a metal wreath frame and 4 yards of coordinating fabric. This frame is 24" so quite large but use any size. 

I found that the perfect size for the fabric strips is 1 inch wide and 8 inches long.


Cut Strips of Fabric 

First I cut the 1-inch long pieces (down the entire yard of fabric) and then went back and cut the strips into 8-inch long pieces.


Wrap Fabric

The wreath frame I am using has 4 pieces of wire. So I started by running a piece of fabric under the outer 2 wires.

 The next strip of fabric was wrapped around the middle 2 wires and tied tightly. For the third strip, I tied it on the outer 2 wires.

Basically, all I did was alternate between red and blue fabrics and work my way across the wreath frame until it was full.

05.  Finishing Up  

Once you are done with your wreath grab your scissors and clip off any hanging threads or any pieces that look too long.

Red, White, & Blue Wreath

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