how to divide


By Jennifer Howard

Every few years you should divide your hosta plants.  Not only will you get more free promotes a healthy root system.

When you see your hosta breaking ground is the perfect time to divide your plants.

in the spring

how to dig out hosta

Use a pitchfork.  Just push it into the soil and find the edge of the rootball.   Work your pitchfork around the hosta loosening the rootball as you go.

Once you have loosened the hosta lift it out. It should be in one big clump.

root ball & Plant

divide the hosta

Use a garden knife or a even a chef's knife and cut right through the root ball. Most hosta can be divided between 2-6 plants depending how large the parent plant is!

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replant the babies

After you have divided your hosta replant the baby plants throughout your garden. Dig a hole twice as large as the root system, plant the hosta and fill in with soil

Then watch them grow!

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