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Grow A Cut Flower Garden 

do you want to grow flowers this year?

You should try starting a cut flower garden! There is nothing better than going outside and cutting a fresh bouquet

Find an area with full sun. 6 hours or more a day  Raised garden beds are perfect for a cut flower garden.  With even 1 bed you can grow lots of flowers!

healthy start

Fill your beds with a nutrient rich mix of composted materials, quality garden soil blend, and an organic fertilizer made for flowers.

seed starting

I tried starting seeds indoors last year. I had great results for my first time! It wasn't very just need lights and seeds..and a little luck!

Most tender annual seeds need to be planted after danger of frost in your area has past.  You can plant zinnia, strawflower, poppy, & cosmos seeds directly in the garden.


A cut garden must is dahlias! These late season bloomers are spectacular!! They grow from tubers that you plant in the Spring


A little more than a month from seed to blooms!! Zinnias are so much fun to grow!!


another cut flower garden must-have

Snapdragons are an unusual looking flower and you can find seeds in all kinds of colors & heights. Very easy to grow!

In just a few months my cut flower garden went from this...

June garden

To this! It's amazing what a few packs of flower seeds can do!! 

September garden

My  cut flower garden was my favorite part of  my garden last year...getting ready to start my seeds for this year!!

cut flowers

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