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Dried Botanical Wall Art

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Here is a fun way to display dried flowers in your home.  Learn how to make a DIY woven dried botanical shadowbox in this step-by-step guide.

What You Need To Do

 You will need an unfinished art frame like this one, they come in a variety of sizes at the craft store. This one is 10x20.

Stain or paint the entire frame. Let dry.


Line With Fabric

I measured out a piece of muslin fabric to fit the back of the frame. Then brushed Mod Podge on the frame and adhered the fabric to it.


Weave Macrame Cord

Starting in the corner I glued the end of the cord about 4 inches in then started weaving the cord back and forth.

After 14 rows I started the next row and worked down.  Tip: a drop of hot glue at each end should hold the cord in place.


Long Weave 

 I made 5 rows of 14. Then I ran the macrame cord across the entire frame 6 times back and forth.

Lastly, I wove dried botanical stems in and out of the macrame cord.  Varying where and how I added them.