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Best Easy-to-Grow Flowers for New Gardeners

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Want fresh flowers from your own garden?  You're in luck! There are tons of beautiful, easy-to-grow options – perfect for beginners. Here are my recommendations...

01 Zinnias

Zinnias are a cut-flower powerhouse! For endless bouquets, just sow the seeds directly after the frost clears. Find them easily at any big box store or your local garden cente

Garden Favorite:



There are so many smaller-sized sunflower plant varieties widely available. They will brighten your home in late summer.

Another Easy Flower:



Coming in pretty shades of pink white, & yellow. Cosmos grow on tall stalks of multiple flowers.

Old Fashioned Favorite:



This old-fashioned garden favorite comes in modern colors for today's cut flower garden.

Interesting Flower:



This fuzzy flower is so fun to grow! Comes in a variety of colors. Easy to grow from seed.


You will love them! Not only are they beautiful in your garden but are the perfect flower to dry and use year-round. (I add them to wreaths)