What to Grow In Your Flower Garden This Year

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Do you dream of going outside and cutting fresh flowers to fill your home with? Here's what to grow this Summer.

Flower Garden Must Have

Not only are zinnias so easy to grow they will continue to produce beautiful flowers from late summer until frost. Start the seeds right in the garden once it warms up.

You will have plenty of colorful flowers to fill vases with! Plus, zinnia seeds are easy to find & inexpensive.




To grow dahlias you plant tubers directly into your garden. These gorgeous flowers fill your garden in the late summer until frost.




One of my favorite flowers to grow are strawflowers. Not only are they a pretty addition to your garden they make great dried flowers too.



A fun flower to grow are celosia These fuzzy flowers add color and texture to your bouquets and vases.

Sweet peas can be planted as soon as the soil is workable in the early Spring. They smell so pretty too!


Sweet Pea Trellis

To make an inexpensive trellis for sweet peas I stapled chicken wire to 3 wooden stakes.(would work for snow peas or sugar snaps too)


Snapdragons look like little orchids! Another easy-to-grow annual flower that produces colorful flower stalks.

Don't Forget Sunflowers!

It's easy to find so many smaller varieties of sunflower seeds to grow in your garden now. Always a pretty flower to fill a vase with.