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Transform Your Garden with Budget-Friendly Secondhand Finds

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Ever wondered what you get when you combine a love for plants and a passion for bargains? A blooming cottage garden on a budget, of course! Let's dig in and see how to make it happen.

 To attract even more pollinators, I strategically place hidden water features throughout my cottage garden.  

It's a perfect addition to this small corner of my cottage garden. Soon the flowers will fill in too.


Planter Bird Bath Idea

Another thrifty idea is to use an overturned terracotta pot with a saucer on top to create a small garden bird bath.


DIY Potting Bench

This dumpster find was turned into the sweetest potting table for my garden!

 It's now the perfect place to store some of my vintage buckets and watering cans.


Old Shutters

An old wooden shutter can be used to hang a bucket of flowers or to use as a trellis for a climbing flower like morning glories.


Vintage Tools

Old garden tools and small pots were used here to create a garden wreath.