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Small Home Decorating Tips: Living Room

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Just because you don't live in a large house doesn't mean your home can't look amazing! We live in a small 5 room house an here are my top decorating tips for the living room.

Smaller Scale Chair

The living room has a large sectional but I wanted a chair to balance out the space. I opted for a smaller-scale chair w/ straight arms and lower back.

 A tall bookcase in the back of the living room does 2 things:  1. draws your eye up to make the space look bigger. 2. the shelves hidden behind the sectional are perfect for extra storage.

Here's How It Looks:


Styled Bookcase

The upper shelves are where I have fun decorating for the season & adding more plants to the living room.

Stay Organized:


Coffee Table w/ Shelf

Look for a coffee table with a bottom shelf for extra storage.  I have 2 wicker baskets to hold books and magazines neatly.


Narrow Console

I didn't want to push the sectional to the wall just because the room is small. I found a very narrow console that gives me extra space to decorate.

Instead of a table lamp on the end table, I added an arched floor lamp with a base behind the sectional and a moveable arm.

Area Rug:


Area Rug

Don't skimp on the size of your area rug!  All your furniture should have at least the front legs on your rug.

Neutral Paint

I used the same neutral paint color throughout the living room & kitchen. The lighter color opens up the space and feels more open. ( Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble)

 Double Duty Furniture Pieces

This cabinet along the back wall of the living room has baskets for more storage (I keep my extra vases and table linens here)