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How To Make A Raised Garden Bed w/ Trellis

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Supply List

raised garden bed with trellis

2-  1” x 12” x 6’ boards (raised bed) 1-  2” x 2” x 8’ board (raised bed corner supports) 3-  1” x 2” x 8’ boards ( trellis supports) 1- 2’ x 8’ wood lattice (trellis)  2” wood screws 1 1/4” wood screws wood stain

Cuts To Make with a Circular Saw

– Mark and cut the (2) 2“x12”x6’ boards at 48 inches (the 48” piece for the front of the planter and 24” piece for the sides) – Cut (4) 12-inch pieces from the 2”x 2”x 8’ boards (corner supports) – Cut (4) 12 inch pieces from the 2”x 2”x 8’ boards (corner supports) – Mark and cut the 1x2x8’ boards at 60 inches (lattice trellis supports) – Cut the lattice piece in half (48”).

 Mark and cut the (2) 2"x12"x6’ boards at 48 inches.  The 4ft pieces of wood will be the front & back of the planter  The 2 ft. piece for the sides.

What's Next:


Corner Supports

Cut (4) 12 inch pieces from the 2”x 2”x 8’ boards.

What's Next:


Build Raised Bed

Place one of the 4 ft long boards on a flat surface Measure and mark the board 1/2 inch from each end. 


 Corner Supports

Using 2” wood screws attach the corner supports with a cordless drill. Repeat on other 4ft board.

 Now stand up the board. Take one of the shorter (2ft) sideboards for the planter and attach it to the corner support using 2” screws. Repeat for the other board.


Attach The Corners

I moved the pieces to the floor and screwed the two unattached corner sections together to finish the planter box.

I added 2 of the lattice supports ( the 1x2x60” wood) to the back of the planter. I lined them up square to the bottom and side edge and attached them with 2” wood screws.

Secure lattice pieces to the wood support beam on each end.

Add the final 2x2x60” support board to the back center of the planter. I waited until the end to add the final support board because I wanted it to line up perfectly centered with the 2 pieces of the lattice.



Stain the planter and trellis. Then fill it with a raised bed soil mix and start planting.