spring Inspiration

Pressed Flower Art

For this project I used terracotta air dry clay and unfinished wood frames.

roll out the clay

I rolled out the clay and layed it over the frame that I was going to use.

Then I trimmed off the excess clay leaving a piece that will fit inside the frame.

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I used 3 delicate stems that had small details. One artificial greenery piece, wax flowers, and seeded eucalyptus.

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After the flowers were in place I rolled over them...gently...with a rolling pin. Hard enough to leave an impression but not so hard that the flower went through the clay.

remove the flowers

Using a soft paintbrush helped lift any pieces of the flowers that were left behind without damaging the clay impressions


Important Step! Make sure the clay still fits inside of the frame after you roll it. Trim off excess and smooth edges with a wet fingertip.

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paint flowers

After the clay dried overnight, I filled in the  impressions with acrylic paint pens.  I also used a tiny paintbrush to spread the paint into the fine details of the flowers.

paint the frames

While the clay was drying I painted the frames dark brown.

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Time to put them together! I hot glued the clay impressions to the wood frames.

finished artwork

Here are my finished pressed flower plaques. .I love to add natural elements into my home and it's fun to create something that is unique to your home!