dollar tree DIY

Natural Easter Bunny Wreath

By Jennifer Howard

Do you have one of these Dollar Tree bunny head wreath forms??

Well, I have a pretty wreath idea for you today!

What you will need:

- Dollar Tree Bunny Head Wreath -  Grapevine Garland - Floral Wire - Moss - Small Dried or Artificial Flowers - Raffia 


For Wreath

Making The Wreath


Grapevine Garland

I wrapped the grapevine  garland around the wreath. Securing it in place with  floral wire.

Making The Wreath


Move on to Ears

Next wrap each with  grapevine securing in place with  the floral wire.

What to look for:

This is what your wreath should look like.

Don't worry...we are going to hide the metal wreath form!!

Add Moss

To fill in the areas where the metal wreath  is showing and for an overall natural look I will use preserved moss.




Fill in with moss

In some areas I just stuck  pieces of moss in between  the grapevine and wreath.

Hot Glue


Use Hot Glue Too!

I also used a hot glue gun to add some of the moss.  This is a messy job too!

Final Details


Finishing the Wreath

To add a little color add a few small flowers. Either dried or artificial will work!!

Here's the Finished Wreath!!

I added a raffia ribbon the the bottom and hung it on my front door. The wreath took about 20 minutes to make!