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 Make Your Own Pumpkin Garland:  A Budget-Friendly Way to Decorate for Fall

Jennifer Howard | Cottage On Bunker Hill

Fall is in the air, and that means it's time to start decorating for the season! One of my favorite Fall decorations is a pumpkin garland. It's a simple and easy way to add a touch of autumn to your home.

-Jute twine -Wood pumpkin ornaments   -Paint -Wood beads  -Assorted ribbons   -Raffia (optional)

Paint the wood ornaments in a terracotta shade of acrylic paint.

Find the center of the jute and string on a pumpkin ornament.

Add 3 wood beads to each side of the pumpkin.

Followed by 3 assorted ribbons.

Repeat the pumpkin, bead, ribbon pattern across the jute twine. For a rustic touch you can tie pieces of raffia also.


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