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How to Decorate a China Cabinet Hutch for Fall 2023 

Jennifer Howard | Cottage On Bunker Hill

 Fall is a great time to update the décor in your home, and your china cabinet hutch is a perfect place to start.

There are many different ways to decorate your china cabinet hutch for fall, but some of the most popular trends include using pumpkins, gourds, dried flowers, and foliage

You can also get creative with your decorations and make your own fall garlands, centerpieces, or other projects.

 No matter how you choose to decorate, your china cabinet hutch will be a beautiful addition to your home during the fall season.

Keep some of what you already display in your hutch, not everything has to be "Fall"!

Fall is the perfect time to make your home feel cozy!  Click the link for more details on how I decorated this hutch.

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