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dividing your daylily plants


Daylilies are some of the easiest flowers to grow in the garden! 

in the spring

Let's divide this plant to make more daylilies for the garden! 

dig up the daylily plant

The best way to dig up the clump is using a pitchfork.  Push the pitchfork into the soil and rock it around the plant until the rootball is loosened

When you divide a daylily you want each section to have a fan (green top part) with a healthy clump of roots attached to it.

I used my hand to gently separate this plant into 3 sections.

replant the new daylilies

-Dig a hole wider and deep enough for the roots. -Pop your plant in the center and backfill with the soil -Water them right away.

Here's one of the daylilies that I didvided about a month later.

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