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What Should I Grow in a Cut Flower Garden?

My Top Picks for cut flowers to grow

One of the most rewarding things I did last year was to start a cutting garden! Here are my top choices of flowers

Zinnias are my top choice! So easy to grow from seed and come in so many varieties.

Dahlias are the late-season stars of the cutting garden!! Just as Summer winds down these beautiful flowers start blooming!   Dahlias are widely available in lots of colors and sizes.




These old-fashioned garden staples are perfect for adding to Summer bouquets. Easy to grow from seed.

4. COSMOS are loved by butterflies! 

Strawflowers are a fun flower to grow in your cutting garden! The flowers close at night and reopen during the day.  Strawflowers make great dried flowers.

5. Strawflowers



Sunflowers attract pollinators to your garden. Not just yellow can find oranges, reds, and white varieties now.

Celosia are an interesting addition to your cutting garden. They are soft & fuzzy!!


Do you want to learn more about starting a cutting garden? Click the link below for my full cut garden tutorial.

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