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Tips for Starting a Cut Flower Garden This Year

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Now is the perfect time to plan and plant a cut flower garden for this year. It's great to be able to walk right outside and cut fresh flowers!

Cut Flower Garden Tips

Plan your cut flower garden in an area with 6+ hours of sun. Raised beds are great for growing flowers.  Even with 1 or 2, you can grow lots of flowers.

For a healthy start fill your garden beds with compost and quality garden soil. I use mulched leaves as a base layer in my beds. 

What's Next:


Find Your Grow Zone

Most annual flowers need to be planted after the danger of frost in your area. Check your USDA grow zone map to find out yours.

Flower Choice for Beginners:


Beginner Flower

Zinnias are the perfect starter flower for newbies!  Plant seeds and in a month or so you will have flowers for the rest of the summer.


 Looking for Drama?

Dahlias are the star of the late season garden.  These are tubers that you plant. You can find them at your nursery or home improvement store.

So buy a few packets of flower seeds, find a sunny spot and get planting!


 Fresh Bouquet

Seen Here: - Celosia - Amaranth  - Strawflowers

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