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DIY Spring Daffodil Crate

By Jennifer Howard

This project starts with a mini wood crate and an assortment of pretty Spring flowers.

Let's get started!

Paint the Crate

I painted the entire crate...inside and out...with dark gray chalk paint.

Next Step:

Layer Paint

While the gray paint was still wet I brushed a beige chalk paint on top.

Start Adding Flowers

Add Flowers

I added a few daffodils inserted into floral foam.

Continue Adding Flowers

Fill The Box

I filled the box with soft yellow and white flowers and pussy willows

Add Spanish Moss

Fill in the crate with Spanish moss to cover the floral foam. Make sure to push it down  to hide the foam from all sides.

Make a label

Crate Label

Next, I made a quick label with a stencil and black paint on a piece of linen.

Add Flower Box Label

Apply Label

Using Mod Podge, I glued the label on the front of the crate.

Finished Flower Box

Finished Project

Here's the finished Spring flower box! It looks so cheerful.