dollar tree

Bunny Wreath

By Jennifer Howard  from   Cottage On Bunker Hill

The Dollar Tree is starting to put out their Spring crafting supplies.

I picked up a pack of the wood egg shapes & bunnies 

Dollar Tree Bunny Wreath DIY

Egg Metal Wreath

I also grabbed one of the metal egg shaped wreath forms..

Paint the Eggs

Paint the eggs with a moss green acrylic paint.

dollar tree DIY

 Bunny Wreath

Paint the Bunnies

For the bunnies, paint them with cream colored paint.

 Bunny Wreath

Add Moss

 Brush clear glue on the eggs and cover the tops with green moss.

Add dark edges

On the edges of the bunnies add a little dark wax or paint Then glue a piece of cotton on the tail.

dollar tree diy

Dollar Tree Bunny Wreath

Trim Moss

Trim off the moss that is hanging over the edges of the eggs..

Dollar Tree Bunny Wreath

Make The Wreath

Using hot glue, attach the shapes on the wreath. 

Dollar Tree Bunny Wreath

Finish With Moss

Add Spanish moss between the shapes to hide the wreath frame.

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