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Save Space & Grow Vegetables Vertically

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

One of the best gardening tips I can give you is to grow your vegetables vertically.

By growing your vegetables up you will save space allowing for more plants in a smaller space. Here are some of my favorite garden supports.

Cucumber Trellis

No better way to grow cucumbers! I've had this Gardener's Supply Co. trellis 15 years. Plant cucumber seeds along the base and watch them grow!


Not only are you saving space but your cukes will be healthier staying off the ground. It's also easier to find the ripe ones!

What to Grow:


Birdhouse Gourds

One fun plant I grew last year was birdhouse gourds. The plants covered the trellis


 Bamboo Teepee

A simple garden support to make is a teepee using bamboo garden stakes tied at the top.  I grow mini pumpkins and other smaller vining plants on mine.

Green Bean Tower

How It Looks:


Green Bean Tower

To save money I built a big garden tower for grean beans. The beans grow to the top by August..

Tomato Towers

To keep tomatoes supported I use sturdy tomato towers ( gardener's supply co.) The plants grow upright and the fruit stays off the ground.

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