Pottery Barn Pumpkin Knockoff

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Have you seen the new Pottery Barn terra cotta pumpkins?  They are the cutest Jack o'lanterns but start at almost $50!  So I decided to make a knockoff version...

To get the terracotta pumpkin look I am using a ceramic pumpkin, joint compound, paint, & crushed chalk dust.

Spread a coat of the joint compound over the pumpkin.

Let the joint compound dry and harden (probably overnight depending on your climate).

Paint your pumpkins in a terra cotta shade of paint...either acrylic craft or chalk paint will work. Let the paint dry completely!

Crush up a few sticks of chalk until they are dust.

Use your fingers to rub the chalk dust all over the pumpkins.  Don't worry, if you get too much on just use a dry paintbrush to sweep some off!

Seriously, how cute are these little pumpkins??