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Patriotic Flag Using Ribbons

By Jennifer Howard

I love to decorate for the 4th of July. Check out my latest DIY project today!

What you will need


To make this ribbon flag I used 2 pre-packaged ribbon trim bundles from Michael's and a 24" flag dowel (I slid off the little flag)

Tie The Ribbons On


All you have to do is tie the ribbons onto the dowel! Just a simple knot.

Continue Across


Work your way across the dowel. Tying ribbons right next to each other.

It doesn't take long!


this is a pretty quick project! It took about 100 pieces of ribbon to fill up the 24 inch dowel. (varying widths)

Denim Square


To make the union patch in the left corner I cut an 8 inch square of old denim fabric.

Fabric Glue


I ran a bead of fabric glue around the edges of the denim and secured it in the corner.

Add A Star


To represent the stars I tied on a star ornament. You could handpaint a star onto the denim too.

Trim The Ends


I did a quick trim across the bottom of the flag to make the ribbons even.

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Jennifer Howard