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Make A Garden Themed Wreath

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Here is the perfect DIY wreath to make for the gardener. If you have a garden shed or garden gate this would be perfect to hang.

Vintage Garden Tools

 I wired a couple of vintage garden tools to a twig wreath form.

Then I wired 2 small terracotta pots to the wreath.  I did add a bead of hot glue to the back to secure the pots in place.


Seed Packets

I brushed old seed packets with Mod Podge to protect them from the elements.


Glue To Wreath

Hot glue the seed packets to the wreath.


 Fill Flower Pots

Glue a small piece of floral foam to the bottom of the pot.

Fill with artificial greenery or florals.


 Bird's Nest

A DIY bird's nest made with a clump of Spanish moss & green moss.

Finished Garden Wreath