Make a Forsythia Wreath for Spring

Spring is around the corner. Get in the mood by making this pretty forsythia wreath for your front door.


Grapevine Wreath Form

Stems of Artificial Forsythia

Preserved Green Moss

Pussywillow Stems

Spanish Moss

Spray Adhesive Mini Craft Eggs


what you will need

Cut Stems

Trim the flower portion of the stems from the branches. I needed 2 forysthia stems (that had 3 flower clusters each)

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Yellow Flower

Adding  3 forsythia stems up each side of the grapevine wreath. Start at the bottom middle and working up each side.

Next, add the pussywillow stems.

Cut the top portion of the  pussywillow stems off and tuck them in between the forsythia on the wreath.

Yellow Flower

Now let's make a bird's nest decoration to add to the wreath using Spanish moss and Spray Adhesive.

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Make a Birdnest 

Yellow Flower

Wearing gloves, grab a clump of Spanish moss and spray with the adhesive. Using your fingers make a nest shape with a dent in the center.

Next, add green moss and mini craft eggs.

Once the nest was done, I added green preserved moss and a few mini craft eggs.

Yellow Flower

Hot glue the nest to the bottom left of the wreath.

Hang Your Spring Forsythia Wreath

I love forsythia! They are the first thing to flower here and signal the end of the long winter.


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