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How to Stop Tulips From Drooping

By Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker HIll

You Just Brought Home A Bunch of Tulips 

Now, what do you do to make them last longer & look good.

What to do:


Cut The Ends

Take a clean & sharp pair of snips and cut straight across the tulip stems.

What to do:


Old Penny

Find an old penny 1980 or before. They contained copper then. Drop it in a vase of very cold water. Change water daily.

What to do next:


Find a Pin

Push a pin through the stem near the top below the flower.

Does it Work??

When I put my tulips in the vase they were so droopy! Let's give it a night...

Sunday Night:

Here is the tulip arrangement on Sunday after I made it & this is the next morning...