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How To Make Succulent Wall Art

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Today I'll show you how you can make wall art using artificial succulents. This is the perfect DIY if you are looking for a unique idea for your walls!

What You Will Need

For this project, you will need wood painting panels. I am using 14x18 but they come in lots of sizes. Either paint or stain the panels.

For the large panels, I made it took 80+ succulents to fill them.  

What's Next:


Hot Glue Succulents

Hot glue the succulents to the wood panels. For some of the succulents you will need to cut the stems off, some I just bent and hid behind other succulents.

What's Next:


Top Tip

Start in the corner and work your way up the frame, fanning out the succulents as you go.


 Get Cozy

The secret to getting a realistic look is to tuck the succulents close together on the frame.

I varied the sizes and colors of the succulents to create an interesting look.


Finished Wall Art

It looked so realistic when it was filled with the faux succulents!

For my second frame I varied the pattern of the succulents.