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How to Make Flower Imprint Clay Plaques

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Do you love flowers? Do you want to create a lasting reminder of your favorite blooms?  If so, then you'll love this tutorial on how to make flower imprint clay plaques!

   Supplies Needed

-Air dry clay in terracotta color. -Wood plaque frames -Flowers & botanicals

01. Roll Air Dry Clay

Roll out the clay to a thickness of about 1/4 inch. I'm using a terracotta air dry clay for this project.

02.  Trim Clay

Trim clay so it will fit inside the wood frame to make the plaque.

 Press your  flowers & botanical into the clay in a pattern that you like.


Make Flower Imprints

Use a rolling pin to gently press the flowers into the clay. Remove flowers. Let clay air dry (could take a 1-2 days)


Paint Flowers & Frames

Paint the unfinished wood frames and the clay plaque to your desired colors. Use a small tipped paint brush to color in the flowers.


Glue Clay Plaques

Glue the clay plaques into the wood plaque frames using hot glue or another strong glue.

Pressed flower clay plaques are a beautiful and unique way to preserve your favorite flowers.  Visit the blog post for more detailed instructions and photos.