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How to Make a Decorative Bird's Nest

By Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Do you love the look of bird's nests mixed into your Spring decor? Instead of buying them I will show you how to make your own.

It's actually very easy!!


To make bird's nests you will need  -Spanish moss  -Spray adhesive -Mini craft eggs -Green moss -Disposable gloves

What to do:


Spanish Moss

Put on gloves and grab a clump of Spanish moss. Form nest shape.

What to do:


Spray Adhesive

Spray the adhesive into the Spanish moss. Use your fingers to create the nest shape and dent in center.

What to do:


Add Details

Spritz the center with adhesive and add green moss & mini craft eggs

How to Use Nests for Spring

I like to add nest's to Spring wreaths like this pretty DIY Forsythia one.

Where to use nests



For a pretty display add one to the top of a vintage candlestick.

Another idea:


Garden Wreath

I made this garden wreath with vintage finds and tucked in a nest too!

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